Kathryn M. Ireland is an interior decorator internationally renowned for her worldly flair, easy sophistication, and a covetable design aesthetic that emphasizes comfort, color, and, ALWAYS, a magical dash of the unexpected. As a child growing up in London, Kathryn visited grand houses of unparalleled beauty all over England and immersed herself in the varied design traditions of these estates –furnishings of generous dimension, uninhibited expression of pattern and color, and graceful arrangements of objects and collections. Kathryn’s predisposition for the imperfect elegance of the English manor house followed her to Los Angeles where she has decorated homes of the Hollywood elite for over 25 years. Her Spanish Revival residence in Santa Monica is a pure reflection of her refined eye, her romantic attention to detail, and an innate understanding of the function of the home. Capacious, slip-covered sofas rub elbows with mid-century pieces, contemporary art, and tribal accents sourced from her wide and extensive travels. Ireland’s characteristic mingling of period and idiom may be highbrow, but she always aims to achieve a lived-in atmosphere. In fact, what supersedes every aesthetic consideration is quality, comfort, and an immediate sense of style and warmth. Ireland’s passion for layering pattern and color is well-documented and reflected in everything she does; but her emphasis on comfort and the practical considerations of day-to-day living – kids, animals, and the occasional over-served guest bobbling red wine – is what makes her the ideal designer for clients who want unique, stylish environments, but not at the expense of real, modern life.

An inveterate and accomplished entertainer, Kathryn has rightfully earned her reputation as the Raging Bull of hospitality. Her guest rooms – in any of her houses – are rarely empty. Her oversized sofas – on two continents – are frequently splayed with guests from an eclectic roster of friends, family, clients, and colleagues. And her dinner table – in any time zone – is where jet-lagged continental wanderers encounter red-carpet glamour and surfer casual for a scene that reflects the relaxed, uncomplicated cool of her California coastal living. Indeed, all of Kathryn Ireland’s homes – from LA to London to France – emanate soul, style, substance, and a few cherished imperfections.

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